Renegade Mattress Retailer  is an e-newsletter published for independent mattress retailers by independent mattress retailers. Mattress retail competition is greater today than ever before. Our mission is to help mattress retailers compete by selling more mattresses, more add-on’s, and increasing sales ticket size through fresh, innovative and actionable ideas. We share tips, strategies, and case studies that mattress retailers can put to work in their store today.

That First Crack Rock

All this month there is a big national campaign at retail promising a FREE adjustable bed base with any purchase of $500. This of course is a very aggressive and attention-grabbing promotion that no doubt steers traffic into this retailers’ stores. While I won’t spend time on this issue discussion the semantics of this nationwide…

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Recently, I read a New York Times article entitled “Read This Story Without Distraction (Can You?).  You can read it here: http://nyti.ms/26A2S92 The premise of the article was about the lack of ability for many people to focus on one, singular thing, and how the much-heralded ability to multi-task can actually be a hindrance in…

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Products Will Never Overcome a Sales Problem

The idea that products will help grow your business is one of the biggest myths our industry has put upon one another for decades now. Products will never fix a sales problem. To give credit where credit is due this is a conversation started and inspired by my good friend, and brother from another mother,…

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An Easy and Effective Mattress Marketing Headline Idea

Crafting an attention-grabbing and effective copywriting headline for any sort of mattress advertising and marketing effort, albeit a sales letter, postcard mailer, website landing page or advertisement, is critical for the business owner looking for maximum results from his or her marketing. And while most mattress retailers aren’t looking to be professional copywriters – learning how…

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Selling the Mattress Buying Experience

Last week we discussed the Perils of One you can re-read or review that issue here. This week I want to share with you my recipe to help you elevate your mattress buying experience so you can compete on a higher more profitable ground as compared to the online sellers, chains, club, big box, home…

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The Perils of One

The most dangerous number in business is the number one. The reliance on any one thing in your business is fraught with danger and likely eventual disaster possibly even demise. Likely you’ve already experienced this, or know other business owners who have. They had that one salesperson they either couldn’t fire or could not live…

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