Renegade Mattress Retailer  is an e-newsletter published for independent mattress retailers by independent mattress retailers. Mattress retail competition is greater today than ever before. Our mission is to help mattress retailers compete by selling more mattresses, more add-on’s, and increasing sales ticket size through fresh, innovative and actionable ideas. We share tips, strategies, and case studies that mattress retailers can put to work in their store today.

It’s Time to Overmanage

Understand that overmanaging should not be confused with micromanaging. Overmanaging, by my own definition, is the act of being intentional and implementing a system for every touch point your customers can possibly have with your business. Walt Disney once said, “People can feel perfection” to explain to legendary Imagineer John Hench the importance of paying…

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The One Mattress Marketing Tool You Must Be Using to Drive More Sales

Have you ever watched the TV show, Naked and Afraid? The concept of the show is simple, yet brutally harsh.  A man and a woman are dropped off in some remote part of the world, naked and with only one tool to help them survive 21 days. What tool would you bring along with you…

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The One Thing Mattress Retailers Incorrectly Focus On

One of the most profound things you can do to reinvent your mattress retail business and boost sales is also one of the easiest things you can do, since all it requires initially is a broadening of the way you look at your business. Because it’s a foundational concept that will be a part of…

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Helpful Information Sells More Mattresses

Yesterday we got to make a sizeable withdrawal. After months of making “deposits” into the mattress buying journey of a potential customer we got paid and paid well.   One sale, one customer $9,814.61. This customer Barbara W. late last year downloaded our mattress buyers guide from our website, deposit #1. Later via our email…

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Be Proud of Your Advertising

In order to improve and make your advertising more effective with the customers you wish to sell I would consider these points to include in your advertising and marketing messages. Commit to being proud to offer and stand behind what is offered in your advertising. If your offer is something you want to immediately move…

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That First Crack Rock

All this month there is a big national campaign at retail promising a FREE adjustable bed base with any purchase of $500. This of course is a very aggressive and attention-grabbing promotion that no doubt steers traffic into this retailers’ stores. While I won’t spend time on this issue discussion the semantics of this nationwide…

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