Renegade Mattress Retailer  is an e-newsletter published for independent mattress retailers by independent mattress retailers. Mattress retail competition is greater today than ever before. Our mission is to help mattress retailers compete by selling more mattresses, more add-on’s, and increasing sales ticket size through fresh, innovative and actionable ideas. We share tips, strategies, and case studies that mattress retailers can put to work in their store today.

How To Wow! Customers

When was the last time you walked out of a place of business, after finishing what it was you needed or wanted to do, and said, “WOW!!!”? When was the last time you left a restaurant and said to your spouse, “Wow, the service was amazing!” When was the last time you purchased a relatively…

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How To Buy The “Be Back”

In the mattress retail environment there are many prospects that simply will not purchase on their first visit to the store. Traditionally, especially in our world of mattresses, the retailer begins a flurry of discounts and “let’s make a deal” language once the customer indicates they aren’t buying now. This is damaging to any integrity…

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A Radically Unique Way To Sell Mattresses

In previous issues of Mattress Retailer Weekly, I introduced you to the power of information-first marketing and how, when used in your mattress retail business, you can better help consumers while positioning your business as the local authority on sleep solutions. The goal of our buyer’s guides is to get an informed prospect to visit…

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How to Make Mattress Shoppers Comfortable

In the last issue of Mattress Retailer Weekly, we showed you our proven way to initiate a comfortable, fact-finding conversation when a prospect visits our store. Once we have established a common connection we invite the prospect to sit down and get comfortable in our customer lounge. This is completely different than the process most…

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Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to Mattress Retailer Weekly. Mattress Retailer Weekly is the only weekly publication for independent mattress retailers published by independent mattress retailers, with the sole goal to help mattress retailers thrive. In this first issue, I want to tell you why Mattress Retailer Weekly is different and why you should dedicate…

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