Renegade Mattress Retailer  is an e-newsletter published for independent mattress retailers by independent mattress retailers. Mattress retail competition is greater today than ever before. Our mission is to help mattress retailers compete by selling more mattresses, more add-on’s, and increasing sales ticket size through fresh, innovative and actionable ideas. We share tips, strategies, and case studies that mattress retailers can put to work in their store today.

The Child’s Game Killing Your Business

In this issue I discuss the perils of what I like to call “The Whisper Down The Line Effect.” This is what happens when manufacturers, retailers and retail salespeople are not quite all on the same page. Traditional mattress manufacturers invest a ton of time, money and resources into developing their brands and products. As…

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Your Profit Equation

A statement that we all as retailers and marketers should commit to heart and mind is what I like to call “The Profit Equation.” There is no sales problem that a good marketing answer cannot solve. And while this Profit Equation is not quite as profound or game changing as Einstein’s theory of relativity was…

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Active vs. Passive Media

In this issue I share a new thought process and system to approach when it comes to use any kind of media for your store. I have discovered there are two silos in which you should think about when it comes to paid media. Active Media includes having effective conversion strategies plugged into your website.…

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What We Can Learn From Mattress Firm’s Bankruptcy

In this episode, we cover a key takeaway for independent mattress retailers that can be learned from Mattress Firm’s bankruptcy. First of all, I want it known that having strong operators (regional I think is best) in our industry advertising our products on a broad scale is a good thing for the industry overall. Secondly,…

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Think Tank Day Overview

On Thursday, November 15, 2018 I am hosting a private, invitation-only “brainstorming and idea-sharing” meeting for up to 12 mattress retailer business owners FOCUSED on how to fortify their businesses and protect themselves from the coming “David versus Goliath” tidal wave that’s going to crush many in our world. This one day, intense “think tank”…

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How to Be Close to Your Customers

In this issue, I cover why it’s important to be close to your customers in as many ways as possible. Some retailers have relinquished the keys to this seller and customer relationship. In this issue I go over places in your business where you can get closer to your customer and cement your sales success…

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