The Child’s Game Killing Your Business

In this issue I discuss the perils of what I like to call “The Whisper Down The Line Effect.”

This is what happens when manufacturers, retailers and retail salespeople are not quite all on the same page. Traditional mattress manufacturers invest a ton of time, money and resources into developing their brands and products. As retailers we cherry pick what fits on our floor in our market that we feel our customers will enjoy and purchase. Finally, our sales people are tasked to tie it all together. Become the bridge between the vision our manufacturers have for their brands and products and how they fit on our sales floor ultimately leaving our sales people in precarious position to bring it all together.

Meanwhile our customers have discovered our stores and our products in an almost infinite amount of ways and beginning their journey very confused from the minute they step foot in our store. Watch on in this issue to discover how you can eliminate this factor, apply it to other aspects of your business and why the online brands have this all figured out.

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