The One Mattress Marketing Tool You Must Be Using to Drive More Sales

Have you ever watched the TV show, Naked and Afraid?

The concept of the show is simple, yet brutally harsh.  A man and a woman are dropped off in some remote part of the world, naked and with only one tool to help them survive 21 days.

What tool would you bring along with you to help you survive three weeks in the wilderness?

While being an independent mattress retailer doesn’t have the same life or death consequences, trying to survive in today’s retailer reality is no less harsh.

While I am not sure what must-have tool I would bring with me in the wilderness, I absolutely know what tool I cannot live without when it comes to marketing and differentiating my retail business from the 144 other places to buy a mattress in my local community.

It’s our three (and counting) educational buyer’s guides.


These strategically-crafted short books, or “shooks” as we call them, allow you to do something I guarantee your competition is not doing, which is information-first marketing.

These guides are the foundation of ALL our marketing and we offer them in everything that we create to get prospects to walk in our door.

We use them as online lead generation devices to exchange contact information for the guides, and we hand out at expos and home shows.  They are also great takeaways when someone wants to go home and think about their purchase.

Information-first marketing is an important and strategic strategy that provides several unique benefits to consumers and to you, including:

  • A help before you sell process
  • A trust-building tool which helps alleviate concerns and skepticism
  • Positioning you and your business as the local expert on buying the right mattress

The concept of information-first marketing is not new, and if you look back on the history of mattress industry, you can see examples as far back as 1901, when the Ostermoor company published the book, “The Test of Time,” which contained “144 pages of vital importance to anyone who values health and long life, and the restful sleep that insures both.”

You can see the book featured in each of the print ads below:


Fast forward over 100 years and you can see how we are leveraging the same PROVEN strategy in our print and digital ads.


You might think that a strategy used over 100 years ago would be outdated and not work in today’s attention-deficit society, which would be flat-out inaccurate.

Our buyer’s guides are designed to attract the right type of consumer – one is who informed, educated and knows the value of good night’s sleep.

They are not brochures, nor do they contain brochure-like language. There’s a lot of specialized marketing “science” in these guides, including benefit-laden copywriting that sets up your prospects to become informed, and most importantly deliver them great value about a confusing topic that everybody hates to do and that’s buying a mattress.

When done right, the consumer views you as the authority and they come in to your store ready to buy from you.

Here are five reasons educational buyer’s guides are important for mattress retailers:

  1. They help before you sell
  2. They are a unique marketing & lead generation tool – those who have read your shook spend more, are better clients, and refer more
  3. They set your business apart and ahead of your competition – you are the local expert on sleep
  4. They increase sale tickets and add-on sales
  5. They are a powerful referral and pass along tool

You can now leverage our buyer’s guides in your stores – click here to learn more about Automatic Mattress Customers.

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