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Dear Fellow Mattress Retailer,

The local independent mattress retailer is under assault.

Extreme pressure and competition from big box, club stores and online retailers has changed the mattress retailing landscape and it’s a fact only the strong independents will survive.

It is my personal mission to help the local independent mattress retailer not only survive, but THRIVE in these adverse conditions, and it all starts with a “renegade mattress retailer” attitude and belief system.

Being a Renegade Mattress Retailer is about having a unique strategic and deliberate philosophy regarding the purpose of your mattress retail business and why it truly exists – to make money and to create owner autonomy.

Being profitable and having the business you want enables Renegade Mattress Retailers to truly serve their local community and take care of customers at the highest level.

Renegade Mattress Retailers are professionals at the art and craft of giving their customers a great night’s sleep.  They are life-long students of success and improvement.

Renegade Mattress Retailers succeed because of the things they do differently from the masses -including their peers and competitors (key words: “do differently”).  They do things their way, but understand the value watching and emulating what other smart business owners do.

Renegade Mattress Retailers make money differently than their peers too - quicker, easier and in bigger chunks than the average retailer. They attract money, rather than pursue it, and strive to achieve real wealth, security and independence.

Renegade Mattress Retailers understand autonomy empowers them to do…

  • What they want
  • When they want
  • Where they want
  • With whom they want
  • At the price, they want
  • At the terms, they want

Being a Renegade Mattress Retailer is not about the sleazy sales tactics that have plagued our industry for so long.  It’s about prioritizing what’s most important in your business and setting up systems to achieve them.

If you’re tired of being on the traditional mattress retailer treadmill that includes:

  • Small paychecks and everybody else getting paid first
  • Business owner isolation
  • Stagnant sales promotions
  • Losing sales to your competitors
  • And days when the door doesn't swing and the phone doesn't ring

I have GOOD NEWS for you.  You are in the right place.

Download my 77 High Impact Low Budget Tips to Sell More Mattresses Easily book and begin your journey as a Renegade Mattress Retailer today.

Jeff Giagnocavo