Turn Your Store Into an Automatic Sales Machine!

Automatic Mattress Profits is a total, turnkey solution for automating your mattress store so that every Lead, Prospect, Customer, Fan and Friend are followed-up with the way they should be.

There are five critically important systems which should be automated for every mattress retail business looking to fully leverage the marketing automation technology available today.

Trust me, if you get these five follow-up marketing systems up and running and working for you 365 days a year, you are going to see amazing things happen.

  • More Leads will become Prospects.
  • More Prospects will become Customers.
  • More Customers will become Fans.


We have developed a turnkey solution, Automatic Mattress Profits, for independent mattress retailers to ensure these follow-up systems are in place and automated, so they happen 100% of the time.

We built Automatic Mattress Profits for our retail stores and it is the result of years of research and development and a $200,000 + investment.  The result is nothing short of phenomenal and now you can tap into all the blood, sweat and tears we put into Automatic Mattress Profits.

Automatic Mattress Profits includes these five distinct systems:

Lead Generation System

Prospect Visit Follow-Up System

New Customer Follow-Up System

Fan Follow-Up System

Lifetime Nurture System


Automatic Mattress Profits leaves nothing up to chance and you have the peace-of-mind knowing every Lead, Prospect, Customer and Fan is being followed-up with to ensure their happiness and your profitability.

Automatic Mattress Profits gives you a pathway to get more people to buy without spending more money on advertising/promotions and automatically without daily thought, work or effort.

Automatic Mattress Profits allows you to replicate yourself as the owner; how you sell; how you follow-up, etc.

Automatic Mattress Profits gives you the opportunity to have unique, segmented marketing lists, based on previous actions or in-actions for future personalized marketing efforts.

Automatic Mattress Profits offers you a proven blueprint to get more positive reviews and build overwhelming social proof (way more than just saying “Like us on Facebook”).

Automatic Mattress Profits is easy to use and can be easily mastered by your staff.