Attract Better Customers Now!

Automatic Mattress Customers is a turnkey system for independent mattress retailers to attract qualified, ready-to-buy now customers with our proven “information-first retailing” model.

Automatic Mattress Customers combines the power of our expertly-written buying guides along with an automatic follow-up software solution that makes sure people who have expressed interest in your business hear from you.


These buying guides position you as a local expert and shine a bright, unique light on your store. Customized for your specific business, our buying guides can be both downloaded from your web site and printed and distributed in-store.

Automatic follow-up is an important and strategic goal for you and your business, and it’s our goal to help you achieve this enviable opportunity, which eludes most retailers. Automatic Mattress Customers includes a CRM system designed to get people who have downloaded your buying guides into your store.

Automatic Mattress Customers leaves nothing up to chance and you have the peace-of-mind knowing every interested person is being followed-up with to ensure their happiness and your profitability.


Automatic Mattress Customers gives you a pathway to get more people to buy without spending more money on advertising/promotions and automatically without daily thought, work or effort.

Automatic Mattress Customers allows you to replicate yourself as the owner; how you sell; how you follow-up, etc.

Automatic Mattress Customers gives you the opportunity to have unique, segmented marketing lists, based on previous actions or in-actions for future personalized marketing efforts.